'End of Sentence' Review: John Hawkes and Logan Lerman Shine in Emotional Irish Road Trip Drama

There’s a moment about halfway through this movie where everything changes. It’s pretty easy to sense that there was a pretty serious reason why this father-son tandem is so at odds with each other, which is masterfully pulled off by John Hawkes and Logan Lerman. But, this movie works so well because of the reason why Logan Lerman's character is so mad at John Hawkes. It is not the normal you were tough on me throughout my childhood, which is also present but not the real source.

Written by Michael Armbruster and directed by Elfar Adalsteins, End of Sentence follows Frank (John Hawkes) and Sean Fogle (Logan Lerman) as they fulfill the dying wish of their wife and mother, respectively, who wanted them to travel to Ireland together to spread her ashes in a specific lake in a northern part of the country. They pick up Jewel, a straggler who is escaping her own complicated past, who is expertly played by Sarah Bolger. If you need just one reason to watch this movie, it should absolutely be for the pub scene where Ms. Bolger shows she has the singing skills of an angel.

While Ms. Bolger shows off her vocal skills, Hawkes does some of his absolute best work in this film. After changing it up a bit last year in Peanut Butter Falcon, Hawkes returns to a character that suits him well, channeling the sincerity of a man who has been put through the ringer and is truly questioning what his marriage was as he learns new information about his wife when she was growing up in Ireland. These revelations lead him to grow and learn to stand up from himself, which he learns from his son while his son begins to care for the other people around him, something he learns from his father.

In our conversation with Elfar Adalsteins, the director, he mentioned that this movie was meant to be an American road trip originally, and I am so thankful it isn’t. The fish out of water aspect of this movie works so well between the two main characters and helps to immerse the audience in the idea that they are very much out of their depth here. The plan to slowly reveal the tragedies and pains of their backstory is also masterfully done, peeling back the layers slowly until you are shown their bare core.

For $6.99 on Amazon, this is a movie you should absolutely watch right now. It mixes superb acting from its three main leads and can rival some of the best landscape shots in cinema today.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Quarantine Day: Day 1 watch. Now out on Amazon and iTunes.

Check out the trailer:

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