Korea's 'Monstrum' Rips People to Shreds in Official US Trailer

We (and honestly I mean myself) need to start watching more Korean movies. Having already opened in South Korea in 2018 and played at the Stiges Film Festival the same year, Monstrum was released on Shudder on May 14th and was given this badass US trailer to hype it up. Starring Woo-Sik Choi from Parasite, a loyal subject of the King is sent out to find and kill a monster that threatens the King's life, which causes panic amongst the commoners. Monstrum also stars Myung-Min Kim, In-Kwon Kim, Sung-Woong Park, Hyeri Lee, and Hee-soon Park, and was directed by Jong-ho Huh. Check it out:

I think this is going to be incredible. The film had a $9 million dollar budget and the shots look better than about 90 percent of what American horror or monster movies are doing right now, even with a slightly ridiculous looking furry monster running around. However, even the monster looks terrifying and this looks like it will be a suspenseful ride throughout.

I had no clue what Shudder was today, but it's apparently owned by AMC Networks and was launched in the US in 2015. Two years is a long time to wait to debut a movie, and I can't help but think that AMC is trying to capitalize on the success of Parasite and the involvement of Woo-sik Choi in both movies. Even if that is the case, this means we get to experience what will probably be a really underrated, well-done monster movie. I will be checking it out very soon on Shudder, where it is available right now. Will you watch it?

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