Russell Crowe goes 'Unhinged' in First Official Trailer

So road rage leads you to run a cop over in a semi-truck. Ok. AMC Theaters has released the first trailer this week for the new thriller Unhinged starring Academy Award winner Russell Crowe. Crowe goes on a murderous rampage when another driver, portrayed by Caren Pistorius, honks at him. Directed by Derrick Borte and written by Carl Ellsworth, who also wrote The Last House on the Left and Disturbia, Unhinged also stars Gabriel Bateman, Jimmi Simpson, and Austin P. McKenzie. Check it out:

The craziest part of this movie isn't even the plot, its the release date. Solstice Studios was set to release this on September 4th, but they had to pivot when A Quiet Place Part II was moved to that date. According to Solstice Studios CEO and President Mark Gill, they looked at several dates, including in 2021, but didn't find anything that works.

This is a genius move that allows the movie to be the first new movie released during the pandemic in theaters. Even with Crowe attached to it, this movie would probably not have done well in its original September release date or in what will now be a very crowded 2021. Now, they have leapfrogged Tenet and will be the only new movie in theaters for at least two weeks, and possibly longer. Warner Bros. will be making a final decision on if Tenet will be released on July 17th and will be publicizing that decision in the next few days.

I am intrigued by how this movie will unfold. It has the feel of a really good thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seats the whole movie, but it will absolutely depend on how Crowe portrays his character. If he is a truly terrifying force, which he looks like he will be, then this could end up being a breakout hit when it's released on July 1st. Will you go see it in theaters?

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